Daily Objectives Points
Record the events of your day, you can film it, log it in a journal, or even just take photographs. 500

Dress for adventure, wear something that is good for traveling.

Add an accesorry to your outfit that makes it unique, something that makes your outfit standout in a crowd.

Have a bag with you, to help carry your belongings.

Bring a camera or a notebook.

Don't forget to pack some water and a snack as well to help keep you going during your travels.

Create a nickname for yourself, go by this nickname for the rest of the day. 300

Think of a catch phrase, something that you could say when something extraordinary occurs in your life.

Find an excuse during your day to use that catch phrase at least once.

This will be your catch phrase for the rest of the day.


Write and record a new theme song for yourself, or just use a song you already like as your theme song.

You can hum, whistle, or beatbox your theme song whenever you arrive in a new location or if you are more adventurous you can play your theme song on a music player or sing it out loud whenever you arrive in a new location.

This will be your new theme song for the rest of the day.

Start a new collection, spend the rest of your day searching for items to add to your collection. 700

Travel and Explore, go somewhere you have never been before.

Spend the rest of your day exploring new places in search of items to add to your collection.

Make a new friend and invite them to help you find more items for your collection and explore. 1000

Talk to people, and ask them where you can find cool items for your collection.

If you find someone who has an item that you would like to add to your collection, ask them if you can complete a small task for them in return for the item in question.

If someone has no tasks for you to complete, ask them if they would be willing to trade the item in question for another item in your collection.

You can also wager one of your items and challenge someone to a contest for a chance to win the item in question.

When you finish talking with someone, ask them if they would like to join your group and help explore and search for items to add to your collection.


If your collection is of value and you begin to have more items than you need, sell or trade a few of the items in your collection in return for an item you can use on your adventure or a new accessory for your outfit.

Always remember to keep at least one item of your collection as a keepsake to remember your adventure in the future.


Rank Bonus Objective Cost
Rank I Make at least two new friends who agree to explore alongside you and help build your Collection. 1,400
Rank II Make camp over night in a new location you are exploring. 2,800
Rank III Complete every daily objective every day for at least three days straight 4,200
Rank IV Collect over 100 items 5,600
Rank V Complete over 50 tasks for items 7,000



Trade or sell 50 or more items 8,400

What is Gamification?Edit


  • Your goal is to make every day an adventure!
  • Complete as many of your daily objectives as you can each day to earn points.
  • Points can be subtracted to earn ranks, to earn a rank you must also complete the bonus objective associated with the rank you wish to achieve. 
  • Once you have reached the highest rank you will know for a fact that you have become a true adventurer.

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