Blitz: Mentally Overwhelmed

Slagged: Tired

Slag it: Oh no

Swag: Expensive property

Schway: Cool

Glacier: Cruel, inhumane, unkind

Dreg: Adolescense, Criminal, Thug

Twip: Annoying person

Splicing: Mixing you DNA with that of an animal to change your physical apperance or gain new abilities.

Kicks: Cool

Soars: Cool

Peg it: Check it out

Fizz: Soda

Schwarbage: Not cool

Slammin: Cool, Kidding

Ripping: Being really good at something

Blipped: Ignored

Scrag: Kill

Net: Internet

Kattob: The will to do anything

Kattobing: having the will to do anything

Feel the Flow: To become one with the universe, to be at your best

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