In the 6 dimensional Formless World the being learns to see the World as one thing instantaneously. In 5 dimensions he can perceive the sequences of 3 dimensional scenes that are our current world. Here she can perceive these as an instantaneous whole.

He can perceive other worlds, but not at the same time. Although he can scan the sequences of different worlds instantaneously.

This is also called the World of Flame because energy and the control of energy is relevant. However, the meaning of this has more to do with 'flame' being a symbol for the great power of the universe.

Because at this level, the being can simultaneously see all universes as a sequence the consequences of creation are much clearer, even than at the previous level. As with the previous level the being makes progress with power and does not make the mistakes that lead to the loss of power, Earthly life, and the desire for reincarnation.


You can see all universes in Formless World.


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