How to accomplish Force Field enabled FlightEdit


Green Lantern flying in a force field of energy.

  • Form your ki into a dome around your body. You can do this by pumping ki into your hands and moving your hands to shape the ki around you in the shape of a dome. You can also make a ki dome by generating ki from your body and shaping it into a dome with your will.
  • Continually give your ki dome more energy giving it more layers, re-enforcing it, making it stronger.
  • Using your thoughts program the Ki Dome to levitate you, and will it to go in the direction you desire to go.

Force Field enabled flight will most likely take large amounts of ki energy to accomplish and will take much training to accomplish for those who have trouble using ki, charging ki, programming ki, willing ki, and/or levitation. Force Field enabled flight is not for beginners and could be highly dangerous if used or practiced at extreme heights. Failure to continually feed your ki dome with more ki will cause your force field to weaken and eventually dissolve.

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