• For every probable situation there is an alternate universe.
  • The collection of alternate universes is known as the Multiverse.
  • Because of the existence of magic, psychic abilities, and other paranormal phenomenon nothing is impossible, and because of this all fictional works are an alternate universe somewhere in the Multiverse.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

  • Question: If every probable situation exist isn't it probable that some kind of magical entity destroyed the entire Multiverse and if so wouldn't we all be dead?

Answer: Yes it is probable that some sort of magical entity destroyed the entire multiverse, but it is also probable that it didn't and therefore right as the entity destroyed all universes in the multiverse a new identical multiverse was generated to replace it because in this new universe the multiverse still existed.

  • Question: The Many World's Interpretation is unproven and may not even exist so how can you post pages like this or even post adventures of Quantum Jumping based upon a theory?

Answer: Many scientists advocate that the Many Worlds Interpretation does exist but even if it is somehow proven not to exist there are many other Interpretations and theories on the Multiverse that could be proven to exist.

Research conducted by David Deutsch was created into mathematics that have been accepted as proof for the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics by many advocates for the theory.

  • Question: If Fictional Realism is about alternate universes for every probability then can't only things that are probable exist in those universes?

For example lets say there is a universe where Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive spider, radioactive spiders don't give you super powers they give you radiation poisoning.

In articles on this wikia like "The Teen Oracles" there are stories that supposedly claim contact with characters like Spiderman who couldn't exist in the multiverse because they aren't probable.

How can you explain this?

Answer: Members of Weird Community believe magic, psychic abilities, and other paranormal phenomenon are real and are apart of what we call the New Normal.

When we encounter a character in other universes across the Multiverse they are often much different from how they are described in their fictional texts and have more probable origins that actually make sense.

For example Spiderman in another universe did not gain his abilities from a radioactive spider but was actually magically gifted his abilities from Madame Web to avenge the death of his Uncle.

Origins like this may not seem probable to those who are outside of the New Normal but to those who are it makes perfect sense.

  • Question: Fictional Realism doesn't even make sense, if fiction means fake, and realism means real, how can you have Fake Real?

Fictional Realism is a contradiction and makes no sense, how can you explain something that doesn't make sense?

Answer: The title Fictional Realism refers to the concept that because everything that is probable exists in an alternate universe that everything that doesn't exist in our universe and is considered 'fiction' is actually real in the Multiverse.

We are not saying that Spiderman is really in New York or that Batman is really gliding through Gotham City because in our universe, they aren't.

All we are saying is that Spiderman really does exist and Batman really is gliding through Gotham City in the Multiverse because there is a universe for every probability.


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