Space time power of general


The idea that time is made up of snapshots that include the past and many different versions of snapshots of the future.

While the physical body moves through time linearly through this stream of snapshots, the spirit is in every snapshot past and future simultaneously.

Also Eternal Now believes that time is cyclic, meaning that eventually as you keep moving forward in time you will eventually end up in the past, and vice-versa.

The choices a human makes in the present effects its past because time cycles.  

What this meansEdit

  • Time is not only made up of past, present and future. But is actually made up of past, present, and all possible futures.
  • Your physical body moves through time linearly working from the present to a possible future.
  • Your spirit exists in the past, present, and all possible futures all at once.
  • Traveling too far into the future could place you in the distant past and traveling too far into the past could place you into the distant future.
  • Choices made today not only effect tomorrow but effect yesterday.

Application of Morphic fields in Eternal NowEdit

  • Long distance communication
  • Influencing the evolution of your species in the past, present, and future.
  • Influencing the memory of others in the past, present, and future.
  • Memory sharing


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