Energyalchemy is like alchemy... Changing the element with the help of other elements. However, Energyalchemy does the same, just with... energy. This is way more effective and better than just manipulating the materialised object.

Energyalchemy - The TheoryEdit

The theory is one of the complex, strongest and best methods of remembering special reactions of an energy form. With the help of the theory, you're able to do interessting experiments and note them.

The simple way to link energycodes/energysignatures:

a1 + a1 = a1c + a1c = a1ca2c

(Look at my table, it's somewhere in my blog).

You look at the table, what's behind a1, yeah it's c. Write it down. Now you link them to one and add the 1 and 1 together and add it to the 2nd summand. You get a1ca2c.

Equations are looking like this:

a1c'e + b2 = d4'e + c3 |-d4'e

a1c'e – d4'e + b2 = c3 |-b2

a1c'e – d4'e = c3 + b2

a1c'e – d4'e = c3a + b2d

a1c'e – d4'e = c3ab5d |'7

a1c7 – d4'e = c3ab5d |'b

a1c7 – d4b = c3ab5d

a1c7a – d4b1 = c3ab5d (4 – 1 – 7 – 1 = -9) -> -9 doesn't exists, remove the -.

a1c7ad9b1 = c3ab5d

The theoretical part will be released soon in my book:

"Energyalchemy - The theory of energy"

which contains more than 1200 pages of experience and theory.

Energyalchemy - The PractiseEdit

The practical part is the one you're maybe looking for. But it's also one of the hardest. This will be also released in my 659 pages book: "Energyalchemy - How to actually do it"

But, for general energyalchemy works with visualization... But with a special form of visualization:

Creative visualisation.

This will be teached in the first 12-30 pages and should be trained daily, to get sooner or later the best results.

The next part is all about how to manipulate energy, how it works... and even how to feel your own energy. You can't manipulate energy, if you don't even know your own.

Remember, those books will be all free.

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