What is Energy Flow?Edit

  • The mental association of a set of emotional feelings, sensations, memories, qualities, or skills to a color.
  • Energy Flows are interpreted differently from person to person as some people associate their feelings, sensations, etc with different colors than most people.

How do you create Energy Flow?Edit

  • Think of a set of emotions or sensations you wish to feel or wish others to feel.
  • Think of memories in which you have felt these sensations once again and feel them throughout your body or have them flow through the body of someone else.
  • Visualize the flowing sensations as a light, the color of the light you see is mentally associated with these sensations.
  • Now whenever you visualize lights flowing through you or someone else of that color you or someone else will the associated sensation.

Energy Flow ReversalEdit

  • The act of changing an Energy Flow to a sensation opposite to the current associated sensations through use of intent and will power.

Elemental Energy FlowEdit

  • Energy Flows may be associated with natural and magickal elements (water, fire, ether, lightning, metal, wood, earth, etc).


  • The visualization of events in the past, present, or future.
  • There are multiple Timelines some linear and some non-linear.
  • Energy Flows can be activated at any point in the Timeline allowing you to harness
  • Energy Flows in the far off future, distant past, or right now based on your intent and will power.


  • Energy Flows can be sent through time to empower you at any time in your life.
  • Energy Flow allows you and others to experience and share memories, sensations, feelings, emotions, and qualities at a distance.
  • Energy Flow allows you to immediately gain skills, qualities, memories, sensations, feelings, emotions, etc.
  • Energy Flow can be used to experience the Past Lives of oneself or others.
  • Energy Flow can be used to create effects in the world around you, spreading emotions throughout the world.
  • Energy Flow can be used for self defense to invoke fear, anxiety, negative sensations, or negative qualities to those who would do you harm.
  • Energy Flows allow someone to be prepared for any life situation and to be able to shape the world around them.
  • Energy Flows can empower you with the ability to manipulate all magickal and natural elements.

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