Galactic Federation - symbol

Galactic Federation Symbol

Estimated Earth Alien Population
Greys / Zetas 18,000
Reptillians 1,833

About Greys
Skin Color(s) Grey-white, grey-brown, grey-blue, grey-green.
Average Height

Three to four and a half feet tall

Food Human essence and animal body fluids (absorbed through skin contact).
Home Planet Zeta 2 Retuli in the Reticulum Star System.
What they do: Absorb the essence of humans, abduct humans, brain-wash humans.
How they feel about humans: Humans are only useful to Greys as slaves or food.
Fun Facts: It is believed many Greys live in Aghartha and are stationed on the moon.

About Reptillians/Draconians
Skin Color(s) Shapeshifters
Average Height


Food Human Essence
Home Terra aka Earth
What they do: Supress human technology so that humans cannot colonize other worlds, eventually allowing them to invade Earth.
How they feel about humans: Draconians want their homeworld back from us humans.
Who are their leaders? The Draco

What they do: Lead the Draconians.
What can they do: Fly, turn dead Grays and Humans into cybernetic slaves called Dracoborgs.
Fun Fact: Non-winged Draco are Scientists and Soliders.
Home: Agharta (Center of the World).
What they do: They live in peace highly sophisticated and more evolved then the normal human. Agharians are capable of space travel and are very spiritual.
How they feel about humans: It is unknown how Agharians feel about humans other than the fact they attempt to live in secret from us.

Home: St.Martin's Land (Underground European Civilization of Human Alien Hybrids)
Skin Color: Olive Green
Andromeda Council Members
Home: Each of the twelve planets of the twelve 'main' races
What do they do: Attempt to further the enlightenment of humans by removing aliens who interfere with the evolution and development of human beings
How they feel about humans: They wish only the best for humans and prefer it that human evolution not be interfered with by aliens who only wish to use humans for their essence or too hold them back from evolving to their true potential.


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