Test # Test Description
1 Create a Personal Domain
2 Find and ask your Guardian if you are a Protector
3 Defeat 100 Reapers with your weapon
4 Defeat 100 Reapers without your weapon
5 Defeat your Shadow
6 Astral Project to the minds of three family members or friends. Defeat 200 Reapers within each mind as well as that mind's Shadow.
7 Find a UES and ask it about any Domain King Tournaments going on with fair Domain Rules, then join the tournament and place atleast third in the tournament.
8 Find a UES and ask it about where you can find a Protector's guild. Astral Project to the guild and join them.
9 Find a UES and ask it about a Crystal Domain with fair Domain Rules and a Labyrinth. Travel through the Labyrinth and collect a crystal.
10 Absorb the crystal into your weapon

After completing this training you will have become a Professional Domain Protector.

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