A Domain King is an astral being that is chosen by the High Controller to appear to Control the Domain. Domain King's have no real power other than the power appointed to them by the High Controller. Domain King normally will command all the other astral beings to do whatever the Domain King wants and is hated by most of the beings inhabiting the Domain. The Domain King will normally grow such an ego that they forget the fact that they have no power, they will even act as if the High Controller is under them at times and claim that they are the true High Controller. The Domain King will normally keep Goblins as slaves and become friends with Runners and Peace Dwellers who do not upset their ego. High Controllers will create Domain Kings in order to be able to exist within their Domain without being bothered by Runners or astral beings. They use the Domain King as a way for them to live peacefully within the Domain without having to worry about governing it.

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