A dimension created by JetBlackRLSH, within the dimension is an entire city inhabited by dimensional entities. Dimension City recieves the astral energy of everything picked up by the GPN creating energy dopplegangers that are linked to the actual person on Earth. If a psion or dimensional entity commits a crime on Earth the same crime is being commited by their energy doppleganger in Dimension City. This allows Teen Oracle members to fight crime all over the globe without having to astral project long distances. Dimension City has a jail that has a portal connecting it to Psi Prison allowing for arrests in Dimension City to easily be done. Dimension City has every psychic crime occuring in the world in one easy to get to location, allowing for crime fighting to easily and quickly be done. A Teen Oracles HQ is located in Dimension City that contains a portal to Psi World. Dimension City should allow Teen Oracle members to fight global crime in one place. The dimensional entities that inhabit Dimension City are not only energy dopplegangers of psions and dimensional entities on Earth but also dimensional entities that Jet Black himself funnels. On the creation of Dimension City Jet sent the dimensional entities who's energy he funnels to inhabit the city.

Dimension City BrawlersEdit

  • Dimension City Brawlers

Citizens of Dimension city who help to make their streets a safer place by using their abilities and gadgets provided by the Teen Oracles. They each have special badges that allow them to enter the Teen Oracles HQ, however the badges do not allow them to enter the Psi Prison but do allow them to drop off criminals there.

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