Visualize a creature in your mind, visualize a wave of energy surging across your body, as the wave moves across your body, every part of your body the wave touches becomes like that of the creature. You will not see the change, but you will feel the energy in the parts of your body wear changes have been made. Anything the creature you visualized can do that is a physical non cosmetic ability you can now do. However there is no appearance change, meaning you will not change in look cosmetically.

Creature transforming in an Energy Shell Transformation ( will cause all your clones to also Creature transform.

Visualize energy waves moving across your eyes and concentrate in order to see physical differences.

This transformation is not permanent, be careful using it, because if you are using the transformation in a fight and it wears off, you'll be hurt. Jet hurt his wrists lifting a table when his transformation wore off the first time.

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