Introducing TF-X Terrafugia's Vision for the Future of Personal Transportation01:12

Introducing TF-X Terrafugia's Vision for the Future of Personal Transportation

What is a VTOLEdit

  • A VTOL is a vertical take off and landing vehicle.
  • Consumer VTOLs are built to be the size of cars and are priced to be only as expensive as a luxury car, which makes it more affordable than a helicopter or jet and more convenient since it fits in your garage.


  • TF-X is an electric hybrid street legal VTOL with intelligent vehicle systems.
  • It is produced by Terrafugia a company that produces garage sized street legal flying vehicles.
  • Can be learned to pilot within five hours.
  • Flies at 200 MPH with a max range of 500 Miles.
  • Has four seats so that passengers can come along.
  • Works on autopilot and autolanding while allowing for manual steering in car mode and the ability to control landing location based on safety estimation.
  • Currently you can't get one, but you can reserve their current version which is a car that turns into an airplane and fits in your garage which is available via this link:

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