Chrono means time so chronokinesis is the ability slow down or maybe speed up ones perception of time. You could read entire novels in less then one night you could get a better picture of things in a game or sport. Chronokinesis is the power to slow down or speed up your perception of time.

If you slow it down you will appear to others to be moving at superhuman speed and your talk will sound like gibberish but to you it will be like everything is slow motion. If you choose to speed up time, everything around you will seem fast and you will appear to be in slow motion. First get a clock that ticks on the second and find a relaxing place. Then Listen to the beats and begin to realize that time isn't real. Now listen to the beats getting slow or faster. Do this for a few minutes and then listen, if the beats are closer or father apart you've done it. Practice this enough and eventually you won't need a clock.

Exercise Step One First start by getting a pendulum or clock or something that make a ticking sound once a second. Then in your know time get comfortable and relax. Step Two Now listen to the beats of the object, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Then focus on this sound and listen for the spaces between the tick tock sound focus on the silence and blend your energy with the silence realize that man is not governed by time. Time is simply a concept created by man. Step Three Now listen to the spaces between the beats, focus on the measure of silence getting slower and slower. Step Four Do this for several minutes and then if the beats are getting longer apart from the next one you've done it! Now just keep practicing and eventually you will get to where you don't need a pendulum or clock.