The OracleEdit

As the wizard approached the dark and smoky chambers of the oracle he heard a chant slowly emanate from the room. The smoke and the stench and the chant rose together in a dance that offended all his senses.

Bones and entrails

Spilling out wounds

Track the witch

Much better than hounds

As he crossed the threshold the oracle suddenly stopped chanting and addressed the wizard by name. "I know why you are here, Cassius. You lost the witch and the cloak you pitiful fool".

"I don't like witches and I don't like you... whatever you are. Also you stink." He reviewed her rotting and hole-ridden clothes. Lice seemed to be spilling from her tangled mane. The corners of her eyes had a crusty mucous whose exact color wasn't readily apparent.

"Your incompetence is an insult to the master and makes him look bad" she hissed.

"He doesn't look as bad as you, creature".

"All of this is your fault" she retorted.

"If you are such a great oracle why didn't you forsee the duel's outcome?" he argued.

The oracle sneered at him. "You of all people know the cloak masks my abilities. Why do you think we need it anyway? Do you think we want the old ones to see the final assembly?!?!"

"Okay, okay" he replied. "Now that we're finished trading insults tell me where the bitch went."

"I cannot track her. However, I can track that damn bird of hers. The bird is no longer in the vicinity of the cloak. She has gone to one of the darkest regions of Afterworld. She is in Catalina Forest. The witch will most-likely follow the raven there. "

"Thank you. Now that wasn't so hard was it?"

"Begone wizard. " Realization flashed across her wrinkled face as she thought of a parting shot. "I would give you a hand... you are surely in need of one... but I cannot leave the tower. Ha ha ha ha ha! Get the hell out of here! Begone!"

The wizard left. "After I get that cloak" he thought. "After the solstice ritual is complete... the oracle will feel my power".

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