• Christian Magick is the practice of magick by those who believe in Esoteric Christianity, the idea that the Holy Spirit inside of us all can be used for positive magick ability.
  • Christian Magick is the power of the Holy Spirit within man not the power of demons and devils.

Difference between Christian Magick and Other types of MagickEdit

  • hristian Magick known also as Esoteric Christianity or Miracle working is not done by man himself or by spirits but by the divine power and will of God himself.
  • Any Magick that invokes spirits other than God is not considered Christian Magick.
  • important disclaimer, YOU ARE NOT the one in control,that is God.
  • THE BIBLE FOR IDS MAGIC SORCERY DIVINATION AND ALL SUCH RELATED PRACTICES. This is not really magic so do not think of it as such.

Is it ok to invoke Angels in Christian Magick?Edit

  • Angels are ministering spirits sent to serve those who inherit salvation.
  • Angels may be invoked as servants in Christian Magick.

Rules of Christian MagickEdit

  • It can only be used for the highest good.
  • Only allowed to summon the spirits of Angels.
  • Must always ask and make sure that the spirits they call are Angels and banish away all spirits that are not Angels.
  • The power of the magick must come from truth, it may not be used to deceive people.
  • Does not allow the invocation of other deities or spirits, God and Angels are all that are allowed.
  • Angels are ministering spirits.

Sympathetic MagickEdit

Sympathetic Magic

Contagion MagickEdit

Contagious Magic

Law of NamesEdit

Spirit Names

  • If you follow Christian Magick you are only allowed to summon angels, this means that you must use the names of Angels.

List of Angel NamesEdit