Chi Meditation Harnessing Your Chi Ghost Parallel Universe08:21

Chi Meditation Harnessing Your Chi Ghost Parallel Universe


  • This page will explain how to project a Chi Ghost.
  • Chi Ghost: A copy of yourself made up of accumulative chi drawn in from the sky and projected out of your body.


  • Chi Ghosts when visualized completing a task and then reabsorbed can be used to increase one's skill in that task without physically attempting to complete the task.
  • Chi Ghosts can be used for training, and can allow one to train new skills and techniques without even having to physically move.

Forming a Chi GhostEdit

  • Visualize your Energy System opening up to new energy with your palms up toward the sky.
  • Use Energy Sourcing to retrieve chi from the sky and have it flow into your physical body.
  • Use Energy Sensing to see all the chi energy within your body.
  • Visualize the chi energy within your body flowing into your palms and taking the form of your Chi Ghost.

How to Control a Chi GhostEdit

  • Chi Ghosts are controlled through intent of movement, without physical movement.
  • With one's Energy_System open after drawing in a good amount of chi energy from the sky, simply through your intent complete the task you wish to train without physically moving your body while visualizing the Chi Ghost completing the task with above average success.
  • After you have projected your Chi Ghost, simply inhale and return the Chi Ghost to your body, granting you its skill.

Useful SourcesEdit

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