About Black PantherEdit

  • Abilities: Increased Strength, Increased Speed, Increased Reflexes
  • Gear: Lenses that can see magic and things vibrating on different frequencies, Energy Dagger that doesn't cut but still delivers pain, and metal claws.
  • Uniform: Vibranium suit that can vibrate at any frequency which allows him to land from tall distances unharmed without making a sound and run up walls.

Abilities NeededEdit

  • Ki Transformation: Allows you to increase your strength and speed.

  • Acropathy: Allows you to increase your reflexes.

  • Ki Smithing: Allows you to form weapons out of energy that cause damage by being targeted at an opponents dan tien causing it to rupture and harm them without cutting them.

  • Energy Shell Transformation: Program your suit to use Energy B to vibrate at different frequencies. By visualizing energy over your eyes you should be able to see magic and objects vibrating at different frequencies.

Gear NeededEdit

  • Metal Claws

Black Panther Energy SetEdit

An energy set is an imagine associated with a list of abilities that has been programmed into your mind allowing you to gain those abilities through visualization of the image.

  • Image: Black Panther's Suit
  • Ability List: Ki Transformation, Acropathy, Ki Smithing, Energy B, and Creature Transformation (to sharpen nails).

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