What is a BiopunkEdit

  • Biopunks are Biohackers.

The First Definition of a BiohackerEdit

  • Someone who participates in Definition One Biohacking

The Second Definition of a BiohackerEdit

  • One who synthesizes DNA as a hobby.

What is Definition One BiohackingEdit

  • Self Experimentation for the goal of enhancing one's own overall abilities.

How to Definition One BiohackEdit

  • Create a list of the abilities or skills you want to enhance.
  • Find or create an exercise for each ability or skill on your list.
  • Keep track of your skills before, during, and after completing the enhancement exercises.
  • Complete your enhancement exercises daily and do so many of them a day.

How to Design DNAEdit

  • The framework of DNA is made up of a simple sequence of parts:

Promoter > Ribosome Binding Site > Gene > Terminator

  • Simply combine all these parts in the correct order and you'll have a complete synthesis of DNA.

The Number One Tool for DNA SynthesisEdit

  • Gene Compiler is a downloadable program that allows you to virtually synthesize DNA.
  • Using icons that represent the four parts of DNA you can create your own custom DNA.
  • Then using the program you can order your synthesized DNA online and have a sample via snail mail delivered right to you.

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