Bending or more complete "Ki Bending", is a technique that obviously envolves Ki and it allow you to Ki Bend your ki and any other material (control it). I have found in multiple sites this infomation and this is very similar to kinesis. The big difference is that in bending you use more tradicional ki, so it envolves movements lots of times, and in kinesis you use radical ki ( see Ki Manipulation )

Ki BendingEdit

Ki Energy

To be successful in elemental bending you first need to learn how to control ki, first your ki and then other objects ki. There are lots of exercices that help you to start feeling your ki, control it and using it in attacks, see them here ( Ki Manipulation ). After complete this you can begin learning any other elemental bending, such as Fire Bending, Ligthing Bending, etc

Elemental BendingEdit

After learning how to control your ki, of course you want to learn how to control other objects ki. Because there are lots of things to talk about every Material Bending, I will not poste it here, but yes in another page. All the exercices are divided in 3 levels of difficulty, easy, intermediate and hard. 

Elemental Bending (Training)Edit

Ok so to open up your chi for bending sit in a comfortable position preferably cross legged and imagine your self in suspending darkness then imagine veins going through your body according to the chart:


air= white (it can be silver)

Fire= red or orange

Earth=preferably green but can be brown

Anyway so your imagining youself in darkness and your coloured veins going through you now according to what ever element your using imagine yourself slowly changing to these places

Water= either  a lake or besida a waterfall

Air= in the mountains or clouds

Fire= next to a volcano or a hot spring with steam rising around you

Earth=  in a forest or in a cave

So now your in that place imagine yourself turning into a sort of silouhette so your turning black basically but still those veins are there now imagine the veins in your whole body getting bigger and brighter untill it illuminates your whole body.(this meens your concentrating on your whole body to becming say water elements or earth or whatever) so then imagine the the light inside of you escaping and blending in with either:

water=imagine the light going into the water

air= imagine it either escaping and blowing away into the breeze or into a cloud(yes i no there made of water)

Fire= Imagine it going into the lava or blending with the steam

Earth=Imagine it going into the cave walls or the trees

Then imagine all the energy quickly snapping back inside of you and the veins becoming made of that energy. Somtimes after this you may feel ill, because your using lots of ki.


- FireShine

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