Become a Professional Energy Healer


This page is dedicated to teaching the reader about how to become a professional energy healer in the modern world.


This page is not about legal advice for becoming an energy healer.

Step by StepEdit

  1. Get Ordained
  2. Get Proof of Ordination
  3. Study Spiritual Practices
  4. Begin your work

Getting OrdainedEdit

  • The purpose of getting ordained when becoming an energy healer is to have credentials supporting the fact that you are an Energy Healer. [1]
  • It is hard to get work as an Energy Healer without some way to prove your practice.[2]
  • Online ordinations are a common way of becoming ordained in the modern world.[3]
  • Get ordained for free through Universal Life Church [4]
  • Get ordained for free through Universal Life Church Monastery [5]

Getting Proof of OrdinationEdit

  • Websites that provide online ordination normally also sell proof of ordination in the form of official certificates, wallet cards, and more.
  • If you get ordained through Universal Life Church you can just log-in and it will show you a copy of your official ordination certificate, by showing someone this copy you at the very least are giving proof that the actual certificate exists, and therefore is proof of ordination within itself.
  • Certificates and wallet cards are normally used for government purposes like performing weddings and funerals, but for non-government regulated religious activities the actual certificate isn't 100% necessary. 

Study Spiritual PracticesEdit

  • There are many books, training courses, mentors, and websites for learning and studying spiritual practices.
  • Recommended practices to learn include:
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Spiritual Cleansing
    • Spiritual Protection from Harmful Energies
    • Longterm Spiritual Healing
    • Spiritual Purification of a Space
    • Spiritual Cleansing of a Space
    • Channeling Spirit Guides
    • Reading Akashic Records

Begin Your WorkEdit

  • Once you have practiced and developed your spiritual healing techniques you can begin work as a spiritual healer.
  • You could work for donations to help people in your community.
  • You could work as a Spiritual Healer on Fiverr and perform remote healings for profit. [6]
  • Some individuals on Fiverr make up to $10 per remote healing session. [7]

Important NotesEdit

  • To become ordained to the Universal Life Church or Universal Life Church Monastery you must be atleast 14 years of age. [8] [9]
  • To use Fiverr you must be atleast 14 years of age. [10]
  • Most online ordinations prohibit you from completing exorcisms, animal sacrifice, and in some cases gay marriage. [11]
  • The recommended practices list above is provided to give the reader an idea of what practices and ceremonies are not regulated by the government and therefore don't require government filing. Keep in mind this website is not for legal advice.
  • Promises of physical healing through energy healing can lead to legal trouble. [12]
  • To avoid legal trouble it is best to understand the law and to have a legal disclaimer to avoid being charged with fraud or practicing medicine without a license.[13]


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