Energy orb


  • A Sympathetic Energy Construct of Earth in the Astral Realm created by User:Bigguy132l.
  • Anything you move on Earth is moved on Aztral Earth.
  • All living things are replicated as Energy Constructs on Aztral Earth.
  • Aztral Earth is powered by Energy Constructs that gather cosmic energy.
  • Aztral Earth was created as a way to interact with Earth from the Astral Realm but currently it does not work where Earth can be interacted with from Aztral Earth it seems to only work the other way around.
  • You can use Energy attacks on the Aztral Earth but they have smaller effects on physical Earth than they have on Aztral Earth.
  • For those who want to combat crime on Earth from Aztral Earth the criminals on Aztral Earth glow.
  • You can combat criminals on Aztral Earth with energy attacks to defeat them on Physical Earth.

How to get thereEdit

  • Simply Astral Project with the intention of arriving on Aztral Earth.

How to Astral ProjectEdit

  • This link should have all the Information you need:

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