Because of the large ammount of summoning spells this page is still in progress.

Atlantean Summoning SpellsEdit

Level 1
  • EkimPyro = [Ee-kime-Pir-o] Summon fire, to summon fire in any form that ya can imagine or need, including warmth or fire in air, at the time. The best way is to imagine it in the air or above ya hand unless ya are targeting something. At least it will appear as heat that ya can wrap around ya, and at most, it will appear as fire within the form ya desire or call out the shape of after. If ya target something, then it can do minor to extreme damage.

  • EkimHydro = [Ee-kime-Hydroh] To do a water effect that can summon water from the air water molecules and materialize it on or in something. To think of where the water will form after stating the spell, makes it collect there.

  • EkimYnd = [Ee-kime-Wind] Summon wind, just think of the direction as ya say the spell. Then the wind will come up and in the direction that ya think about after.