Cold or ice related spells unlike fire spells have an unlimited amount of energy so in contrast with fire spells are easier to cast. Atlantean Ice Sorcery because of its ease is one of the types of sorcery that is attempted often. With training one can become very powerful with Ice Sorcery.

Boost Spell StrengthEdit

If you want to add a boost to the spell, add a pronounced X, and however many times, each x will increase its potential. As in the speed spells, 'spe' will speed you up so much where speXXX will speed you up allot. There is only a certain amount of fire in the air to be used in fire based spells at one time. So if the fire spells cease to work, then wait till the fire in the air is replenished or summon fire energy to be there in the air, in a sufficient amount. Some can summon heat and the heat, if concentrated, will form into fire as though it catches fire. Then there is cold spells, as to use cold based spells, you have unlimited amounts of energy.

How to Enchant Objects with a spellEdit

Added to this idea is that fact, of if you don't want it to be an attack, target or imagine the element form of the air or an object you don't care for anymore. To enchant the object, cast any of the spells at the object or area.

Atlantean Magic Meditation and ChantsEdit

Also, to use the spell phrase as a chant during meditation or a ritual of sorts, will instruct the subconscious to achieve the effect more and it will bring better effects from the spell you chose. The sacred word used in Atlantean meditation was Tau (this was the equivalent of the Aryan sacred word Om).

Atlantean Ice SpellsEdit

Begginer Spells

  • FrosRay = [frost-r-way] Ray of frost, creates a ray of frost

Level 2

  • CulBodX = [Cool-Bode-X] Cool body, can cool down the body until the spell is thought to expire and not do this anymore. Even in heat or a hot area. This can be used to cool down an item. In effect it synthesizes coldness from bioenergy.

Level 3

  • SheolrimBla = [She-ohl-rime-Blast] Eldritch blast is cold based and confuses target.
  • CuqyTntele = [Cooq-aye-Tn-teel-eh] Chilling tentacles that entangles targets and inflicts cold damage.

Level 5

  • CyriCon = [c-ir-rit-cone] cone of searing cold sends from the hand a cone shaped cold energy to kill by making freezing in the intended targets in area.

Level 6

  • ColtWoxEzyk = [colt-woxe-eazy-wick] targeted cold knock out.

Level 8

  • CymFza = [Cymbol F-zahn] Symbol freeze; Freezes the person as they get near the symbol of freezing that appears in the area. Where you wanted it.
  • PoricRayXXX = [Pore-Ice-c-Ray-y-XXX] Polar ray, a ray that inflicts medium to minor to serious-extreme cold damage.

Level 15

  • AviiOviiHnHemu = [Aid-right-in Over-in-ihh Hn Hee-muhn] Seasonal cold; This is to bring forth cold season when you want.
  • AviiOviiHnSumaHemuAetune = [Aid-vie-in Over-right-in Hn Sume-ahn Hee-muh Aid-eat-rune-ehn] Seasonal cold summer; This is to bring forth cold season in summer when you want.

Source InformationEdit

  • The website below is the source of these spells, to learn more complex spells please go to the site listed below.;id=19;url=http%3A%2F%2Fspellhawk%2Eblogspot%2Ecom%2F2009%2F08%2Fatlantean%2Dcircle%2Dspells%2Ehtml