• Within the astral realm energy constructs are tangible and those who know how to manipulate energy can create anything they desire in the astral realm.
  • Those who partake in Astral World Building are called World Builders.
  • The product of Astral World Building is an Astral World.
  • Astral Worlds can be anything that the World Builder desires and can be visited by anyone who astral projects by them astral projecting with the intent of arriving within their Astral World.


  • Astral World Building is great for those who want their own place to relax in the Astral Realm.
  • Creating an Astral World is a great way to have a common meeting place with other Astral Projectors that can be easily traveled to.
  • Astral Worlds can be used as stadiums for Energy Sparring and Energy Sparring Tournaments.
  • Astral Worlds can be used to house Astral Beings who are in need of a home.

Things you need to know to become a World BuilderEdit


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