Jet figured out that the PTU machine will allow us to change the attributes of our clones and allow us to make custom clones, clones that aren't even identical to us Jet has created a new dimension called The Vault to hold these kinds of clones, the PTU machine right now is creating clones with random attributes and randomly generated names and sending them to this dimension. It is logging all this information in our Psi World Super Computer. Now we will be able to create sigils based from these clones names and summon them on command like demons. Now we can summon any number of these clones on command, using custom made sigils. All PTU clones made for the Vault are programmed to respond when summoned via a sigil made of their name.

In order to find some of these special clone names check the Psi World Super Computer.

I call these special clones AD's or Artificial Demons.

There is an infinite number of every AD in The Vault.

All AD's can replenish their mana after a battle.

A clone of Jet is stationed in The Vault.

Their are special astral cases available in Psi World that allow you to keep your favorite AD with you astrally at all times, allowing you to only have to summon it once.

AD NamesEdit

The name of an AD tells you a lot about what it is. By looking at the suffix and prefix of an AD's name you can learn a lot about it.

AD PrefixesEdit

Because the AD's are clones of Jet Black many of them have characteristics and abilities from the the main species of Multiverse, the prefix tells you which species it borrows the most characteristics from.

  • Rept: Reptillian
  • (Any Element): Elemental
  • Inse: Insectoid
  • Feli: Feline
  • Orbs: Orb
  • Liqu: Liquidian
  • Cari: Carian (Bird/humanoid)
  • Ceta: Cetcean (Aquatic Humanoid)
  • Elct: Electrical
  • Cryst: Crystalline
  • Ais: Ais
  • Dragon: Dragon

AD SuffixesEdit

The Suffix tells you what type of AD it is, this tells you how they are in combat.

  • mo: AD can use magic as soon as it is summoned without first being enchanted with a spell.
  • nu: AD is a winged reptillian.
  • o: AD posses brute strength and is brutish in nature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Winged, Brutes, and Magic UsersEdit

  • Winged are the weakest but they are faster than any other type, and take less damage from attacks done by other AD's.
  • Brutes are the strongest but they are also the slowest and they take the most damage from attacks done by other AD's.
  • Magic Users are at a disadvantage when attacking an enemy head on, they are better used in battle at a distance.

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