By using Dimensional Energy Funneling you can recieve abilities from animal spirits. Depending on the spirit you recieve different abilities.

Animal Spirits can be unlocked by figuring it out everyone has seven or so that can be named by contacting me --JashouxOblivion (talk) 10:47, August 23, 2012 (UTC)JashouxOblivion


Totem pole 3

Animal spirits your born with and act as spirit guides are called totems.

Wolf SpiritEdit



Increased Speed

Increased Strength

Increased Jump

Sharp nails

Urge to kill

Heightened Sexual Urge

Bat Spirit Edit

Abilities and traits:


Night Preferance

Increaced climbing

Increased balance

Increaced speed

Decreased Sun Liking (not burning but depressed when Sun comes up)

Increased Touch

Decreased sight

Increased Hearing

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