Fire nation symbol by bumpthat2000-d37f023

Simple symbols like this could be used to activate an Elemental Energy Flow of Fire.


  • Gestures, objects, symbols, or words etc associated with Energy Flows are Anchors.
  • By associating a gesture or symbol etc with an Energy Flow you gain the ability to activate an Energy Flow whenever you complete the associated gesture, draw the associated image, touch the associated object, or say the associated word etc.


  • Energy Flows can be sent through time to empower you at any time in your life.
  • Energy Flow allows you and others to experience and share memories, sensations, feelings, emotions, and qualities at a distance.
  • Energy Flow allows you to immediately gain skills, qualities, memories, sensations, feelings, emotions, etc.
  • Energy Flow can be used to experience the Past Lives of oneself or others.
  • Energy Flow can be used to create effects in the world around you, spreading emotions throughout the world.
  • Energy Flow can be used for self defense to invoke fear, anxiety, negative sensations, or negative qualities to those who would do you harm.
  • Energy Flows allow someone to be prepared for any life situation and to be able to shape the world around them.
  • Energy Flows can empower you with the ability to manipulate all magickal and natural elements.

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