Jet Star and Green Wolf

Jet Star (To the left)


  • August 5th 2013


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  • Q:How long have you been Crime fighting?

A:I didnt always crime fight, I started out simple by just doing litter patrols around my local park but on march of 2013 is when I started going on patrols with the Black Monday Society, so to answere your question: 3 months

  • Q:How hard was it to design your suit?

A:Haha good question! It wasnt too bad. I drew a lot of sketches and I knew wanted a friendly bright super suit! It took me a month to design the suit! I purchased all the stuff at Walmart and made everything by scratch and I'm very proud of how it turned out!

  • Q:Did you start patrols alone or did you start out already in a group?

A:I started litter patrols alone.

  • Q:Why did you decide to become a Superhero?

A:I became inspired by the other supers and I always liked helping others but to put on a costume and mask and help others was MINDBLOWING to me! I feel like I'm part of the Marvel or DC universe haha

  • Q:What teams are you apart of, and who are the other heroes you normally patrol with?

A:I'm not sure if I'm part of the Black Monday Society yet but I do go out and patrol with them! Other than that I'm part of a dynamic duo, my sidekick/partner Phoenix joins me on outreaches and litter patrols!

  • Q:What would say to inspire a new up incoming crime fighters?

A:The world needs more heroes! More superheroes! Suit up and Mask on and go do some good!! Who's never dreamed of ever wanting to become a superhero, a symbol of good?


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