Ahriman spirit of darkness and destruction

Ahriman also known as ANGRA MAINYU. Ahriman is the spirit of darkness, death, and destruction as well as the twin brother of Ahura Mazda. Ahriman reigns over the Duzakh, his realm of darkness. Duzakh is populated by Xrafstars, they are as big as mountains, giants, that can devour souls.

Those who invoke AhrimanEdit

Those who invoke Ahriman are known as Servi Angra Mainyu or in Persian as بندگان Angra Mainyu or Drug.

How to Invoke AhrimanEdit

Lexileus this-cold-darkness

You can invoke Ahriman by speaking Angra Mainyu aloud. This will grant you with Ahriman's powers of darkness and destruction.

Why invoke AhrimanEdit

You can invoke the power of Ahriman to gain the power of darkness and destruction and combat Unum invocator Ahura Mazda who threaten the army of Duzakh.

Servi Angra Mainyu TemplateEdit

Lexileus this-cold-darkness

This User is a Servi Angra Mainyu


{{Servi Angra Mainyu}}

Sorry I suck at making templates copy the template source and paste it on your profile page if you would like the template. Again sorry for the inconvience the usage will not work so you have to copy the template source.

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