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In the Case of a Multiversal War:

  • We need to be able to send them back to the universe they came from, shield the Earth from attack, or lock up the soliders from another universe.
  • To send them back we would need someone with the ability to Quantum Jump into other universes.
  • To shield the Earth we would need someone with the ability to project large forcefields capable of keeping soliders from other universes from attacking our planet.
  • To lock up the soliders we would need someone with the ability to astral project in order to take them to Psi Prison.
  • An extra bonus would be if we had someone who especially knew all our weaknesses, because in the event of combatting a universe where a malevolent Earth is trying to take over ours, we would most likely have to fight malevolent versions of ourselves.

This means that members of a squad to prevent multiversal war would need the following skills (Keep in mind members don't require all the skills listed but should have atleast one):

  • Quantum Jumping
  • Force Field Generation
  • Astral Projection

If you have any of these skills and would like to join a squad to prevent multiversal war please post a reply below.

If you lack these skills but would like to join the squad, here are some links to help you train in these skills:

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