• Absorption: A personality trait in which one becomes absorbed in their mental imagery; when objects of focused attention gain importance, intimacy, and a self-like quality. This focused attention can cause one to enter an altered state of consciousness. People with this trait have heightened hypnostability. Research has shown that people with high-absorption rates incorporate into their senses subtly imagined events. 
  • Hypnostability: How easily someone can be hypnotized.
  • Altered State of Consciousness: Any mental state that deviates from normal waking consciousness. It is also called a altered state of awareness.
  • Cross-Modal Processing: Interactions between multiple sensory modalities. Ex. Smelling sound, tasting sight, or touching scents.

Vivid ExperiencesEdit

  • Absorption allows for surreal vivid experiences in which one can become immersed in an experience in which something they intensely focus on whether it be a work of art or a bowl of corn flakes becomes important, intimate, and mystical.


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