• Date Posted: 7/11/13

  • When: From 2011 to Present Day

  • Where: First in Manchester, now in Cheshire

  • What: Jadon Billington and his younger sister Lucy Billington actively speak with and see spirits and angels in their home.

Their mother Pam has also had experiences with these spirits, however she has never seen or spoken to them.

The oldest daughter Emily has not seen or had any experience with the spirits and the father Daron is still skeptical.

Pam believes her children have psychic abilities that allow them to communicate with and see angels and spirits.

  • Opinions/Beliefs: It is hard to say whether or not the children can actually see spirits or not. I am a very open minded person and I personally believe that the children really are able to see and communicate with spirits and angels.

However many believe that these spirits are simply figments of the children's imagination.

What convinced me otherwise was the fact that the mother claimed to have seen the spirits effect things in the home and even physically touch her when the children asked them to. I think there are one of two things going on here.

Either the children are actually communicating with spirits and angels or they have formed thoughtforms that are capable of effecting physical objects including people.


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